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Happy New Year!!

2017..... that number feels unreal, like a proper "futuristic" time period! But while not thaaaaat much has changed in the past 17 years (smartphones are cool and all, but they're no rocket car), the one thing we can change is our bodies- specifically, the strength and flexibility of our muscles! With that in mind, I invite you to join the ESSENTRICS Health Challenge, starting January 16th! It is a worldwide challenge, designed to kick start your year on an energetic note, no matter where you are located. The basic premise is this: you do one ESSENTRICS workout per day. This can be a 23 minute episode of Classical Stretch, YouTube videos (minimum 23 minutes!), or a live class (including mine!) I first did the 30 challenge back in 2012 (before teaching), and it was amazing to see how quickly my strength and endurance increased from just a quick workout each day. There's a list of episodes to follow along for Beginners or Regulars, and follow ESSENTRICS on Facebook for daily motivational bursts! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences in class... we're all in this together! Let's start the year off right!

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