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One thing I love about ESSENTRICS is the variety within the program. There are different workouts that promote healing or pain relief, workouts that can tone and strengthen, and workouts that use standing exercises with floor or barre work.

As I learn different routines, I'm able to bring more variety to the classes I teach, using each routine for around 2 months. But to maintain the strength to lead a class, I need other routines to ensure that certain muscles aren't overworked. And ESSENTRICS TV is awesome for this! There are over 90 different Classical Stretch episodes and around 20 or so different ESSENTRICS workouts, of all different lengths. You're guaranteed to find the right workout for your needs.

The other day, I slipped and fell on these super-icy sidewalks. The next morning, my feet, hips, and hamstrings were stiff from walking in snowboots and my hands and forearms ached from catching my self while falling. I did the 25 minute Classical Stretch episode "Prevention of Hand and Finger Arthritis" that not only focused on healing pain in your hands and arms, but also included gentle barre stretches that focused on unlocking the hips, legs, and feet. It was exactly what I needed, leaving me pain-free the rest of the day.

(And in case you're wondering, I don't get any kickback from the Head Office for promoting ESSENTRICS TV-- I just think it's fantastic! You can check it out here.)

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