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**Note: I am NOT accepting private clients at the moment. Thank you for understanding.***

Private sessions are a great way to work on technique, build strength and confidence before joining a group class, as well as learning how to get the most out of your ESSENTRICS® workouts.

Rates for the Boston area are currently $125 for an individual session or $350 for 3 sessions. 

"Thank you Severina for sharing your time and expertise. You are a highly skilled teacher and motivator . After working with you today, I am really excited and motivated even more.
You are the best!"
-Karen M.

"Thank you so much for the hour-long session yesterday. Afterward, my body felt free and normal as it hadn’t in a very long time. 

have great hopes for this exercise program. It’s amazing. 

Everything felt released."

-Jan K.


ESSENTRICS® is perfect for a workplace workout! The gentle, dynamic movements immediately improve posture from being on a computer, and the full-body movement improve circulation, giving you a natural energy boost to help you power through the rest of the workday with energy to spare.
Bonus: while you may break a bit of a 
sweat, you won't leave drenched or desperate for a shower!

Choose from 3 options which can be tailored to your needs.
30 minute, 45 minute, or 60 minute workouts are all available. 

This beginner-to-intermediate level class is suitable for most people. It has an equal emphasis on toning and flexibility, ensuring that you work all 650 muscles, while getting a deep stretch. You will become stronger, more agile, and reduce injuries, while rebalancing the full-body.
Classes consist of standing, floor, or barre exercises.

VIDEO: Intro to Essentrics. Please note: classes have music!

ESSENTRICS® Stretch  Perfect for beginners or those returning to exercise after a long break. With an emphasis on mobility, pain relief, and balance, this gentle workout will help you feel better than you have in years!


A great option if no mats are available- use a chair instead! ESSENTRICS® has integrated the barre into its regular workouts for the past 15 years. Keeping up with the fundamental principles of the program: elongating the muscles and challenging them in the lengthened position, strengthening while lengthening, zero impact without the use of weights—the ESSENTRICS® Barre workouts will tone and shape your body, create long lean muscles and increase your flexibility.

I am also available to give classes for the following:
  • Studios

  • Gyms

  • Small group classes

  • Events

  • Workshops

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