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LOOK BACK | 2015

Whew! What a year!

ESSENTRICS is really growing in the Boston area. It's kinda crazy to think back where the classes were a year ago to now- so much has happened!

The year started with a bang, with a sold out ESSENTRICS Workout class at the Dance Complex in Cambridge! However, the blizzards ensured that it wouldn't be until spring that we'd start seeing consistent numbers again in that little weekly class.

In March, after many many many(!) emails from people, I added another weekly drop-in class: ESSENTRICS: Aging Backwards, at Together In Motion in Arlington. This class had a nice, steady little following... and while people loved the class, we all got lulled into thinking the traffic for that early morning session was bearable.... until the school year started up! (This is Boston, after all!) Luckily, by that point, we'd gotten on the radars of some pretty great places...

In May, a personal accomplishment- I was featured as the Teacher of the Month in the ESSENTRICS Instructor newsletter! This was especially exciting, as it's sent out from the Head Office to all of the instructors worldwide. You can read more about it here.

That summer, in addition to the AB class, I began teaching an ESSENTRICS Workout class through the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Hooray for being officially hired as an instructor! Response was positive, and the class has grown with each session, including many returning faces- we are now extremely close to selling out this upcoming Winter session!

Another highlight of the summer was attending the Level 3 and 4 workshops at the ESSENTRICS Studio in Montreal. These are always a fantastic experience! It's a great chance to connect with other instructors from around the world, as well as learning in-depth about the technique from the creator herself, Miranda Esmonde-White. It doesn't get much better than that! And the best part is how quickly students see the benefits of the these trainings in their instructors.

In August, another personal accomplishment- I received my Level 2 certification, with top marks in nearly all areas- another reason to celebrate!

Speaking of certifications, this autumn the Boston area got two new certified instructors! Leah Becker and Lauren Mayhew are amazing women- if you find that my class schedule doesn't work with your schedule, reach out to them! You can find their contact info on

And finally, this autumn was a busy one! Those who signed up at CCAE experienced an ESSENTRICS Barre class, using a chair to get added flexibility benefits. The ESSENTRICS Tone session at the Dance Complex was inspired by the energetic (and tough!) classes I experienced in Montreal- I really wanted to bring that style to the Boston area. One devotee remarked that even though the class was incredibly strengthening, her joints always felt so much better afterwards!

And the biggest surprise came from Arlington Community Education- ESSENTRICS: Aging Backwards sold out! And the waitlist was so long that we added a second class, which nearly sold out as well! We even added a little 2 week December session, due to demand, so that the wait until January wouldn't feel quite so long. Those classes were so fun to teach- everyone worked really hard... at relaxing! This is important, as it helps unlock tight joints and improves mobility. Another exciting change in everyone was how much their balance improved. By the end of the session, it was stable and strong ankles, as far as the eye could see!

Looking forward, I'm excited to see what 2016 holds for ESSENTRICS in the Boston area! There are now more options for people in the southern part of the city, including a new session at Brookline Adult and Community Education! ESSENTRICS Barre will be offered yet again at CCAE, and at Arlington Community Ed, there are now two options, plus a new location- ESSENTRICS Workout (still at "The Pit") and ESSENTRICS: Aging Backwards will now be held at Arlington Senior Center. I'm spending the intervening weeks learning some awesome new routines, and can't wait for everyone to try them! I think you'll love them. Thanks again for all your support, and here's to continued growth of this amazing technique in our little corner of the US! Cheers!!

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