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Before I started down this path, I had never taught anything before-- at least, officially. People always suggested "teaching" as a career path over the years, for a variety of things- teaching foreign languages (one passion of mine), teaching ballet (a former passion of mine), teaching kids (a holdover from working as a nanny)- and I always resolutely declined those suggestions. Until 2 years ago, when I started to seriously consider bringing ESSENTRICS to the Boston area.

I've followed Miranda Esmonde-White's show Classical Stretch regularly since 2009. Like many, I love how the workout uses intuitive movements of the body, leaving you with an invigorated and energized feeling after only 25 minutes. It aired twice weekly on Idaho Public Television, so when I moved out here in 2011, I resorted to DVDs. Eventually though, I was itching to try it in a live setting, with all the energy and enthusiasm that comes with working out in a group. No one out here offered the class, so... if I can't take an ESSENTRICS class, why not teach it myself?

I know many others have more noble and inspiring reasons for why they want to teach ESSENTRICS. And even though mine started out somewhat selfishly, as I progressed through the Level 1 training, I've learned how amazing and beneficial this program really is for people of all ages and abilities! The way it is scientifically designed to help relieve pain, how it works the muscles differently from most programs, the reasons why you feel so much stronger, lighter, energized after a session... I was hooked and can't wait to share it with others!

So, this blog will focus on not just my journey through the certification process, but also the struggles and triumphs (hopefully!) that one encounters as an instructor of a relatively new technique in a major metropolitan are-- the classic "Little Fish in a Big Pond" scenario. I'll also include tidbits of the workout, with insight into things that make ESSENTRICS such a unique program, and why it's unlike anything else out there in the Boston fitness scene. Hope to see you in class!

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